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Here at Barnes Crossing Chevrolet Buick GMC in New Albany, MS, we want to make sure you understand how your truck or SUV works. Four-wheel drive is helpful when it comes to inclement weather and other unusual driving conditions. However, the trick is knowing which mode of four-wheel drive to use and when.

Four High, or 4H
4H is best used for normal speeds when you need more traction, such as icy roads. It’s also good for loose-gravel, mud, and packed sand.
Four Low, or 4L
Meanwhile, 4L was made for more serious conditions at lower speeds such as deep sand, snow, crossing water, excessive mud, and climbing up and down rocks and hills.
Automatic Four-Wheel Drive, or AWD
Part-time AWD monitors tire traction and shifts over into 4WD when it senses one slipping. This is best if conditions are variable. Full-time AWD delivers power to all four wheels.

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