February 17th, 2020 by

The new 2020 Chevy Colorado is a capable and safety conscious midsize pickup truck that takes driver and passenger safety very seriously. To this end, the new Chevy Colorado pickup offers occupants a number of safety increasing technologies such as forward object-sensors and rear-facing cameras.

It can be hard for pickup truck drivers to see what is behind their vehicles as they reverse, and because of this backing-up can be particularly hazardous. The good news is, the new Chevy Colorado includes a standard rear-facing camera in its design. Drivers simply need to place their vehicles in the reverse gear, and this camera swings into action to give them high-definition views of the areas behind their trucks.

2020 Chevy Colorado drivers can also benefit from the forward-facing sensors. This innovative vehicle includes special cameras and other sensors that can detect the proximity of other vehicles or objects to the front of the truck. If the system detects such objects, it quickly alerts drivers to the potential dangers.

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